Why A Written Word?

by drbeck on June 5, 2010

God chose to inspire a Bible, full of written words, not a picture book or TV show or movie or a series of cell phone text messages.

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1 cindi June 29, 2010 at 4:11 am

Just another attempt to change the interpretation of God’s holy word. I understand the need for translations for another languages so that all can have God’s word accessible in the language of their native tongue and thankful that I have the accessibility to read it in English. However, text or SMS is not language and I don’t care who wants to argue the point. My heart breaks for the English scholars and English teachers that have to teach students who prefer to read a phone over literature and now they want to “dumb down” the holy words of God. Blasphemy? One could argue that point. People put the phone down…no, turn it off and pick up the Bible and read what God breathed through man, the gift of God’s words to us, his creation that He sacrificed His only Son for. Don’t we owe Him that much respect?


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