John MacArthur: Servant of the Word and Flock

On a trip to the Shepherd’s conference, I finished reading Iain Murray’s John MacArthur: Servant of the Word and Flock.

I highly recommend it for every Christian! In the first few pages, Murray lists 5 characteristics of an evangelical leader. How do you and your church leaders match up?

1. An evangelical leader is one who leads and guides the lives of others by the Scripture
2. An evangelical leader inspires the affection of followers because they learn Christ through him, and see something of Christ in him
3. An evangelical leader is a man prepared to be unpopular
4. An evangelical leader is one who is awake to the dangers of the times
5. An evangelical leader will not direct attention to himself.

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  • When was that sermon from?He has chngaed his views a bit over the years.When he came to town he said, in answer to the question on limited atonement On the Cross Jesus paid the penalty for every sin ever commited by everyone who would ever believe. Thats ounds like limited atonement and worded so those who oppose limited atonement would find it harder to misrepresent.

    • drbeck

      Hi kucing, I’m not sure the sermon you are referring to, but here is MacArthur as recent as 2010 affirming a definite atonement:

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