Real Life Examples of How Theology Applies to Life

“Theology, who needs it. That’s just for seminarians in ivory towers.”

Actually, if you’re a believer you “do theology” every day. Every time you make a moral decision, tell someone about your faith, or attend a worship service, you are “doing theology.”

Theology means the study of God, mainly through His Word. Most of the time when people use the term theology, they mean Systematic Theology, but there are other divisions of theology like practical theology, ethics, and historical theology. I like Wayne Grudem’s definition of Systematic Theology, which is “any study that answers the question, ‘What does the whole Bible teach us today?’ about any given topic”.

Here are some recent articles that show us how theology is being applied throughout the Christian world:

1. Pastor Kabwata explains the effects of “Nigerian religious junk” (imported from mega-churches in the USA) that is now spreading across Africa.

2. The boy in Iowa who refuses to wrestle a girl causes a clash of worldviews.

3. National Review asks the question, “Why is America Quiet on the Execution of Afghan Christian Said Musa?

4. The University of California at Davis has defined Christians as oppressors.

5. Chuck Smith on abortion: the founder of the non-denominational denomination Calvary Chapel, tells a caller “that the Lord would not condemn her if she went ahead and had an abortion at this early stage of the development of the fetus.”

6. Speaking the truth in love can upset quite a few people. Exhibit A: Tim Challies interview with John MacArthur, where charismania and creation Tim asks John, “What are the two or three most urgent theological crises that you see in the North American Church at present?”

7. For this last one, I’ll let you discern what kind of theology this “pastor” has on this video.

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  • Just last night I heard a young pastor from Russia talk about the new ‘dangers’ for the Church in Russia: teaching discernment from false doctrine. How, in the past, they didn’t have to worry about much false teaching because they only had the Bible, but now that the door has been flung open (a good thing), there is much false information trickling in to the Church.

    He also mentioned how sad he is for the American Church. He’s right on.

  • “Inevitably, once you lose the gospel, you lose true spirituality and morality. Christianity becomes a thin veneer of respectability but inside there is total corruption and decay.”– Kabwata

    How very true this is. Sad that this is becoming the norm because of the liberal, feel-good society we live in.

  • Michael…just had to pop by and tell you that your comment on Kevin DeYoung’s post gave me chills. Well done.

    “What’s the big deal with asking questions anyway? It’s not like he said anything heretical! He’s just asking questions! He can do that without implying anything right? After all, he just asked her a simple question…

    “Indeed, has God said, ‘You shall not eat from any tree of the garden’?”

    • Michael Beck

      Hi Jules. Thanks for stopping buy. It’s sad to see what people are saying to and about these men of the faith, who dare to call out false teaching.

  • It is sad, but then again our Lord told us this would happen. Glad I found your blog. I shall be back 🙂

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