Art and the Gospels

Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds announced a new illumination of the Four Holy Gospels by Crossway. “The artist commissioned for the project is Makoto Fujimura, a devout Christian, and one of the most highly-regarded artists of the twenty-first century.” Watch the video to find out more:

Fujimura – 4 Holy Gospels from Crossway on Vimeo.

You can pre-order it at Amazon for 37% off (click the image below):

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  • Tom Hardy

    I have to admit that I find it hard to judge one way or another about this art. Mainly because as I view work like this, I can’t understand where the artist is coming from. In this particular case, the artist was talking about the Gospels and how the paintings were meant to portray the themes of the books. Yet, maybe it is just my imagination that is the problem, but I can’t see the themes of the Gospels in the paintings.

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